Golden touch will not be lost for Moray post box

Heather Stanning

It has been a favourite place for Moray tourists this summer to pose for photographs – now Royal Mail have confirmed that Lossiemouth’s golden postbox will remain with an added sparkle.

Every UK Olympic athlete who achieved gold at the London games last year were honoured by having a postbox painted gold in their home town – including Lossiemouth, in honour of rower Heather Stanning.

It was expected that the boxes would revert to their normal red livery after a year, but Royal Mail has confirmed this week that not only will the boxes receive a regular coat of gold paint, each will have a plaque placed alongside the boxes commemorating the achievement of the athlete it honours.

Lossiemouth’s Heather Stanning and her rowing partner Helen Glover won the first UK gold medals in the 2012 games, with the box on Lossie’s seafront becoming the first to receive its golden gloss.

Following a welcome back to Moray attended by thousands in a parade through Elgin, Heather returned to Lossiemouth shortly after the games and proclaimed the postbox a “massive honour”, adding that the box would be a lasting reminder of all the athletes who performed so memorably at the games.

Posing for a photograph at the box this week was visitor Angela Gibbons from Stockport. ¬†She said: “I have to admit I was not aware that Lossiemouth had one of the boxes but whenever I saw it I knew what it was about – and was reminded by a lady in the shop next door of Heather’s fantastic achievement.

“Lossiemouth is a wonderful place and we have really enjoyed our visit here – now it has a permanent attraction that I’m sure will be popular with visitors for years to come.”

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