Parent Council warns of ‘looming tragedy’ at New Elgin Primary

Parents at a Moray primary school are speaking of their increasing concern over safety of pupils by increased number of vehicles parked and driving past the building.

The chairman of the Parent Council at New Elgin Primary School has written to Moray Council’s head of direct services highlighting their concerns that safety issues remain despite several recent initiatives to highlight the problem.

James O’Connor says that despite organised ‘walk to school’ weeks, travel schemes and even intervention by the police the traffic levels at the school have continued to increase, prompting fears that a tragedy could strike at the schools where 460 pupils and 40 nursery children attend.

Mr O’Connor said: “If these issues are not tackled I fear we will have at leas one tragedy on our hands.  Pupils are frequently seen running between cars – parents and carers, desperate to find parking spaces, often attempt to enter the staff car park to drop off their children.

“As there are no extra spaced to park in, pupils are seen running through the busy car park trying to access the school from there.  The school has had numerous near misses reported.”

Calling for a meeting with council officials on the issue, Mr O’Connor said that one option is a one-way system being introduced.  He said: “We realise there is not a quick, easy fix here – however, we would be negligent in our duties not to bring these issues to your attention.”

A spokesman for Moray Council said that they are in the process of arranging a meeting with various parties including the parent council.

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