Under age drinking continues to fall through effects of community initiative

Chief Inspector Findlay

A local community-led initiative against under age drinking has resulted in around 200 young people being warned of the dangers of alcohol in the last few months.

‘Operation Avon’ has seen members of the Moray Community Safety Partnership in operation in Keith, Rothes, Forres, Burghead, Elgin and Hopeman, with police seizing almost 3 gallons of alcohol under the scheme.

With Police working alongside a number of community partners such as Moray Youth Justice and NHS Grampian, the initiative has attracted a great deal of praise as it seeks to educate young people on the dangers of under age drinking.

Chief Inspector Willie Findlay said: “The operation is very much intelligence led.  I would encourage anyone who has concerns about under age drinking or anti-social behaviour in Moray to contact the team.

“We can identify young people who may need assistance and intervention and then guide them  through that.”

Commenting on the “incredibly positive” results of the operation, Sergeant Harry Gordon said: “Despite the odd blip we have seen  more interaction and less anti-social behaviour.  There will, however, be no let up in the campaign – we will continue to listen and address the concerns of our communities.”

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