Oh No they Won’t – Elgin Panto in danger in Town Hall boiler blow-out

Elgin Panto in danger

The annual performance from the Elgin Pantomime Group in the Town Hall is in danger of the show not going on because the heating system at the venue suffered from a burst boiler.

Moray Council has revealed that the main boiler in the building failed earlier today – leaving heating engineers and welding specialists battling to save the day.

A burst was detected in the rear of the boiler’s tank – but with no immediately available replacement for the 12-year-old unit an urgent search is being made throughout the UK to source a replacement.

A spokesman for Moray Council has admitted that a temporary repair is being planned but with no guarantee of that working the Panto may need to be shifted to Elgin Academy when it takes to the boards on Wednesday – leaving hundreds of disappointed ticket holders as that would mean a drastic cut in the 650-seats sold.

The spokesman said: “A temporary repair using specialist industrial resin sealant is being tried – however, this product is not available locally.

“It has been ordered and delivery is anticipated during the weekend when the repair will be attempted – however, success is not guaranteed.”

The Elgin Amateur Dramatic Society’s pantomime group were due to rehearse their performance of ‘Sleeping Beauty’ at the Town Hall this weekend.

However, with the entire water system at the venue now switched off as a safety measure there is now no heating, running water or toilets in operation.

The spokesman said: “A clearer position on the likely timescales for repairs should be available on Monday and a contingency plan is being developed to use Elgin Academy – but the seating capacity there is greatly reduced.”

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