Moray green car sharing club turns over a new Leaf

Moray’s MSP is set to unveil two new electric cars purchased by a community-based car club with grant assistance from the Scottish Government funded Developing Car Clubs Scotland.

The Renault Twizy and Nissan Leaf vehicles will be used by Moray Carshare which currently serves residents around Findhorn and Forres.

Richard Lochhead MSP, who is Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and the Environment, said that utilising cleaner and greener methods of travel is “hugely important” in reducing the impact on the environment.

The Moray MSP added: “Projects like Moray Carshare make a significant contribution to that, in additon to the project there will soon be a public network of electric car-charging points across Moray.

“I believe these will increase people’s confidence in using electric cars knowing that they can get their vehicle re-charged at a variety of locations.

“The mix of different projects supporting the use of electric vehicles will appeal to different people and help change their perceptions and so lead to greener travel.

Moray Carshare was founded from the Park Carpool in 2007 and the latest vehicles will take their pool to 11 cars. A charging station has already been installed at Findhorn funded by the Energy Savings Trust Scotland – the station will be supplied by energy generated from four nearby wind turbines.

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