Councillors agree to take another look at Kingston flood barrier

Shingle barrier at Kingston

Councillors have agreed to undertake a detailed cost study on proposals to build new protection for a flood-threatened Moray community.

Villagers living in Kingston have been growing increasingly concerned at the level of erosion evident to the shingle bank protection that stands between the Moray Firth and their community – which has seen repeated flooding through the years.

In June last year Councillors decided on a ‘wait and see’ policy – now they have agreed with community representatives that the viability of a 500-foot ‘inner wall’ should be studied.

The proposal came from local councillor Douglas Ross, who had attempted in June to convince the Council to take action. His motion on Tuesday at the economic development committee should ask officials to look again was unanimously accepted.

Councillor Ross said: “This is a positive step forward to seeing the council finally agree to the works required at Kingston to provide security and reassurances to all residents.”

Moray’s MP and MSP recently visited Kingston to see for themselves the further damage caused to the natural defences in the area. Following Tuesday’s decision Angus Robertson MP said: “This is an important step forward and it has been done with good community discussion and consultation.

“I have spoken with people in Kingston on many occasions about their flooding concerns and it is clear that there is genuine fear and concern about the damage that a big storm could potentially bring to the community.

“I am pleased, therefore, that Councillors have listened to the community and approved this proposal.”

Richard Lochhead MSP added: “I also welcome the Council’s commitment to develop a business case quickly and come back to the next meeting of the committee to look at what the potential next steps are.”

However, Buckie’s SNP councillor, George McDonald, said that it was important that other flood-threatened communities such as Arradoul and Portessie were also looked at as a priority. He said: “We cannot allow a situation where money for flood works will be diverted from one community to another.”

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