Local councillor calls for increase in fines for dog fouling

A Moray councillor has called for increased fines to be levied against those who continue to allow their dogs to foul local parks, beaches and streets.

The call came as the Scottish Government is preparing to increase fines for littering and fly tipping from the start of April.

Hopeman-based councillor Eric McGillvray, who is chairman of the communities committee at Moray Council, said that while these penalty increases are welcome there has been a “missed opportunity” in not increasing the current £40 penalty for dog fouling.

Councillor McGillvray said that this was a “tremendous problem” in particular for coastal towns such as Hopeman and Lossiemouth and one that causes a great deal of upset amongst local residents.

He said: “I am disappointed that the Scottish Government did not choose to raise the fine. Community Wardens in Moray do a tremendous job by talking to dog walkers and making them aware that certain conduct is unacceptable.

“However, they need some extra help – I would encourage people to report any instances of dog fouling that they witness.”

Last month a local pub in Lossiemouth took the unusual step of posting a CCT image of a dog walker allegedly allowing his pet to foul the pavement at their door.

For many residents the issue has reached crisis point – now community wardens have been placing notices in key areas seeking help from the public in identifying those who allow their dogs to foul without picking it up after them.

Moray’s antisocial behaviour service has a helpline – 0800 587 7197 – that members of the public can use to report dog fouling in their communities.

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