Seriously fast trousers nicked from parked car in Lossiemouth

Stolen pants designed to aid G-Force stress.

A thief who stole a pair of trousers from a parked vehicle in Lossiemouth might have a few problems wearing them in their natural environment.

Police say that they would like information on the theft in the town’s James Street area – and the pants should not be difficult to spot if they are being worn around the town.

The trousers taken are specialist ‘G Pants’ – designed to regulate the flow of blood around the body of aircrew flying in fast jet such as the Tornado’s based at nearby RAF Lossiemouth.

Valued at around £100, the highly specialised trousers are designed to cope with the extreme pressures countered when flying at high speeds.

The theft took place between Thursday last week and Tuesday. Police say that anyone with information (or who might be offered a somewhat unusual pair of trousers) should contact them on the non-emergency 101 number.

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