Typhoons test out new base facilities in Moray

An exercise designed to test the new operating environment for Typhoon aircraft set to deploy permanently n Moray this year is under way at RAF Lossiemouth.

Three aircraft from 6 Squadron have been deployed to Moray ahead of their permanent move form Leuchars in June. They will take pare in ‘Exercise Moray Venture’ from the base until March 28.

Another purpose of the operation is to allow RAF Lossiemouth personnel to gain experience and exposure of the way in which the Typhoon operates.

OC for 6 Squadron is Wing Commander Mike Baulkwill, who said: “Exercise Moray Venture is an exciting exercise for 6 Squadron – it forms just one part of our overall plan to move the Squadron successfully to RAF Lossiemouth in June this year.

“The exercise will allow the Squadron to operate and engineer from its new buildings, whilst offering RAF Lossiemouth the chance to work alongside Typhoon.

“The exercise will see Typhoon flying all types of missions, Close Air Support with the British Army right through to Air Defence missions over the North Sea. The Squadron is really looking forward to the move, and the welcome that RAF Lossiemouth has afforded us has been superb.

“As always it is vital that we ensure that our people are looked after throughout the transition period and to that end this Exercise offers us all another opportunity to work and live at RAF Lossiemouth before our move later this year.”

The squadron first moved to Leuchars in September 2010 and provides the northern element of the Quick Reaction Force, aircraft and crews on a constant alert to intercept unidentified aircraft approaching UK airspace.

Squadron Leader Cameron Gibb, the squadron’s senior engineering officer, said that the exercise was the first opportunity for 6 Squadron to work from their new hangar at Lossiemouth.

He added: “The Exercise gives us time before we relocate the entire Squadron in June to get a feel for how we engineer, plan and operate Typhoon from our new base.

“It’s important for 6 Squadron and RAF Lossiemouth to set the scene for the years to come and to allow the Squadron personnel the chance to see how great they new set up, Station and local area are.

“It also gives the Station the chance to get to know a bit more about Typhoon. 6 squadron are very happy that our relocation is to a Station with such a good support set up and happy to be bringing aircraft operations back up to speed following the recent disbandment of 12(B) and 617 Squadron.”

6 Squadron was last at RAF Lossiemouth when it was reformed in 1974 and equipped with Jaguar aircraft.

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