Silver screen exposure for Forres facing a financial hurdle

The ‘Bodkin Ras’ crew on location in Forres.

A movie shot over two months on location in Moray is in danger of never being shown – unless the producers can find backing to completing the project.

‘Bodkin Ras’ was created by a Dutch and Belgian production team in and around Forres last summer. It is the story of a fugitive who comes to Moray to hide out – but things don’t go according to plan.

Crew members from six different nations were in Moray filming and recruited a number of locals both as actors and extras.

The feature-length movie was a debut project for director Kaweh Modiri who had been inspired to base his production in Moray after spending time here on holiday.

After working for three years on the project the movie is just about ready – but has one major stumbling block to overcome before it can be seen in cinemas.

Mr Modiri explained: “We need £10,000 in order to cover the costs of finishing the film – and these costs are vital.

“We need eight weeks of access to an edit suite and an editor. With the footage complete this is the final and perhaps the most important step in the process.

“This will give the film a slick, professional quality and bring out the colours and textures of the location and characters. The cash will also pay for a soundtrack which will play a huge part in its feel, tone and general atmosphere.

“These finishing touches could make or break the film and could influence our chances of being accepted into festivals and cinemas.”

Mr Modri has already achieved critical acclaim for a short film project – ‘My Burglar and I’ – which had a worldwide premiere at the Rotterdam International Film Festival three years ago.

Anyone contributing to the Forres production will be rewarded with exclusive Bodkin Ras content including digital artwork and signed scripts.

Further details on how people can take part in the Film’s crowdfunding bid can be found online at

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