Wizard for Whisky as Oz imposes clampdown on fake Scotch

The Whisky industry was given a massive shot in the arm this week – thanks to a new law being introduced in the other side of the world.

Moray’s most important industry has been boosted by the success of the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) in having their members’ produce registered as a trade mark in Australia.

More than £84million in sales of genuine whisky was achieved in Australia last year – however, over the last eight years the SWA had cause to halt the sale of 40 brands of fake Scotch in that country.

Whisky was removed from Australia’s food standards code in 2000 and that is what led to a rise in counterfeit product – however, whisky has now been registered as a certification trademark to help identify the genuine product from fakes.

SWA legal adviser Alan Park said: “It has taken time and effort to achieve this result and we would like to thank the UK Government and European Commission for their support.

“Scotch Whisky exports are of immense value to the economy so overseas protection is vital.”

Moray MP Angus Robertson, who is Vice-Chair of the House of Commons All-Party Parliamentary Scotch Whisky and Spirits Group, said: “Cracking down on fake whisky is hugely important to the continuing and growing health of this iconic Scottish product.

“I welcome the breakthrough by the SWA in Australia, which will help exports and which will help to ensure that Scotch consumers in Australia are getting the genuine, high quality product produced in my own Moray constituency and right across Scotland.

“There is massive investment in Moray in the hundreds of millions of pounds in the whisky sector and protecting brands and boosting exports can only increase the possibilities of even more investment, providing high quality product and high quality employment.”

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