Crown Estate set to move on Portgordon harbour repairs

Damaged harbour – (c)

Residents of a Moray coastal community concerned that their storm-damaged harbour is not to be repaired through a lack of funding have met with their local MSP.

Portgordon residents expressed their concerns to Richard Lochhead MSP at a face to face meeting this week which was also attended by the harbour owners, the Crown Estate, and representatives from Moray Council, who are responsible for coastal protection.

At the meeting it was revealed that the Crown Estate were only “weeks away” from putting repair works out for tender, with the MSP saying that both the harbour owners and Moray Council then needed to get together urgently and discuss how the repairs would then be funded.

Mr Lochhead said: “There was a good turnout from the local community in Portgordon illustrating the level of concern over the harbour’s future.

”Local residents and boat owners were present and clearly want to see action soon to repair the damage.

“It is very sad and alarming to see the scale of the damage to the pier at Portgordon Harbour and the sooner we have a plan to repair the damage the better. The harbour is a focal point and is key to local community’s identity.

“The Crown Estate own the harbour and irrespective of whether the Moray Council have a role to play, one way or another we all need to remain outcome focussed with the outcome being a repaired pier and a vibrant harbour.

“I am pleased that the Crown Estate are only weeks away from receiving the tenders for the work to be carried out.

”Whilst we await that process to complete, we need both the Crown Estate and the Council to work together to agree how the repairs will be funded.”

The MSP added that alongside considerations over the main repairs was the short-term measures required to make the damaged pier as secure as possible in the hope that damage is not compounded in the event of further extreme weather.

He added: “We also had members of the local community willing to volunteer to help with the clearance of the harbour to help make it more accessible and the authorities should work with the local community to see what can be done.

“I will be staying in close touch with the Crown Estate and the Council in the days and weeks ahead to ensure progress is being made and that Portgordon’s views are heeded.”

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