Council pledge to crack down on litter and fly tipping

Moray Council

A man who dumped furniture at the side of the road on the outskirts of Elgin has fallen foul to new fine levels that can be imposed by community wardens.

In April the Scottish Government brought into force new legislation that saw the penalty for illegal dumping rise four-fold from £50 to £200.

Now a community warden has issued the first £200 penalty people in the region are being reminded that the practice of fly tipping is a blight that the local authority is determined to tackle head on.

Chair of the communities committee, Councillor Eric McGillivray, said: “The increase in penalties is a reflection of how seriously this issue is being taken and it is one which we are determined to meet head on.

“The community wardens will not hesitate to issue fixed penalties to any offenders who come to their attention.”

With a rise in the fixed penalty for dropping litter also rising from £50 to £80 people in the region are being warned that wardens will be on the lookout for these offences as well.

Councillor John Cowe, who chairs the economic development and infrastructure committee, added: “There is absolutely no excuse whatsoever for fly-tipping and I earnestly hope that this £200 penalty acts as deterrent to others who think they will get off with dumping stuff indiscriminately in the countryside.

“I commend our community wardens for being alert to the situation and, in this case, for successfully tracking down those responsible.”

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