BBC crew point their camera towards Covesea landmark

A Moray landmark saved by its local community for use as a heritage visitor centre is set to feature on television next week.

The story of the Covesea Lighthouse will be beamed to viewers around the country as part of the BBC magazine programme ‘On the Road 2014’.

When the Northern Lighthouse Board announced in 2012 that the iconic light just outside Lossiemouth was to be turned off and the building put up for sale, members of the local community acted by forming a new company – the Covesea Lighthouse Community Company (CLCC).

The company was formed after an overwhelming local poll was in favour of attempting to purchase the lighthouse for the community. The new company subsequently received grant funding of £300,000 to purchase the lighthouse, while a further £250,000 was awarded to purchase a nearby pump house and adjoining land.

This week BBC presenter Martel Maxwell interviewed Michael Strachan from the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses and Bernard Annikin, a local postmaster and the chairman of CLCC.

It is expected that the television show will concentrate on the role the Lighthouse has in the local community past and present.

Manager of the Covesea Lighthouse, Rab Forbes, said: “It was great to have the BBC at the Lighthouse and whilst we have no control over the content I am sure it will show this magnificent building in a positive light.”

The feature is expected to be included in the Monday, July 21 edition of ‘On the Road 2014’ to be screened at 7.30pm on BBC1 Scotland.

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