Elgin community give hope for stricken pet Sunny

Sunny – wheelchair appeal

An Elgin family are on course to give their eight year old boxer dog Sunny a new lease of life thanks to kind hearted members of their community.

Sunny was diagnosed with an inoperable tumour on her spine, and while vets say she is no longer in any pain the tumour has affected her nerves – resulting in her gradually becoming paralysed in her back.

That has meant the only way the highly active Sunny can get around is through a specially fitted wheelchair, which would allow her to continue going on the walks and runs on the beach that she has grown to love.

Faced with a heavy bill for the chair Sunny’s owners, sister’s Jen and Emma Robbie from Murdoch Crescent, turned to Yimby – a crowdfunding platform that allows anyone to raise funding that will can make something special happen.

Emma explained why they turned to crowdfunding to help their pet: “Sunny has two dog sisters, Millie, a three-year-old boxer and Rosy, a pug puppy.

“She still acts like a puppy on walks, splashing in rivers, tussling with her sisters, and rolling in any stinky substance she can find – before cuddling up with her humans and a tasty chew in the evenings.”

Already kind hearted members of the Elgin community have donated almost £100 towards the £350 target required to purchase a wheelchair for Sunny.

Emma added: “As soon as we reach our total we’ll place the order for the wheelchair with the company we’ve researched. The wheelchair should arrive shortly after, and we plan on uploading photos and videos to Facebook of Sunny using her new wheels!”

The wheelchair will be donated to a dog shelter or charity when Sunny isn’t able to use it any longer, while any extra money raised will be put towards any medication or vet bills for Sunny.

To donate or keep up to date with the running total, go to the campaign’s Yimby page at https://www.justgiving.com/yimby/sunnysfund

To find out more about Yimby or set up a crowdfunding project, visit www.yimby.com

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