Landmark bridge helps strengthen Bavarian links

Stewart Cree and Erwin Schneck (

Just weeks after it stood firm against a major threat of flooding the new bridge in Elgin built as part of the City’s flood alleviation scheme was given a name.

Moray Council convener Stewart Cree was joined by Erwin Schneck, the mayor of Elgin’s Bavarian twin town Landshut in christening the ‘Landshut Bridge’.

More than 40 representatives from Landshut were present at the ceremony on Thursday, helping to mark an association that goes back to 1956.

The new bridge cost £6million to build and has been designed to help divert the flow of the River Lossie away from the old Brewery Bridge.

Councillor Cree said: “For Moray as a community that shares many similarities with our friends in Landshut this is an auspicious occasion.

“As hundreds of vehicles and pedestrians pass over this bridge every day they will see alongside the bridge a cairn and sign that commemorate the link between Elgin and Landshut and the enduring friendship that has been fostered between the two towns.”

In reply Mr Schneck said: “In Landshut there is already a bridge named the Elgin Bridge, after the Moray capital, so this is a very positive gesture and we are grateful for that.”

Moray’s MSP Richard Lochhead said that twin town ties are all about building bridges, adding: “The new bridge being named after Landshut exemplifies that and will be a lasting legacy between those in Elgin and our great friends in Bavaria.”

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