Moray motorists reminded that road tax changes in force this week

Moray motorists are reminded that from tomorrow (Wednesday) tax discs are no longer required to be displayed on vehicles.

After 93 years the discs are being scrapped – although the tax itself still needs to be paid as normal.

The changes that come into force on Wednesday mean that vehicle owners will still receive a reminder from the DVLA when the road tax is due for renewal – however, as they hold a digital record of all taxed or untaxed vehicles the discs themselves will no longer be issued and any in circulation need not be on display.

Other changes to the road tax system mean that when purchasing a vehicle second-hand you will be unable to transfer tax paid on one vehicle to another – tax must be paid again on the new vehicle.

The new system also now allows for payments to be made via direct debit from bank accounts rather then the current annual or six-monthly options. However, those electing to pay that way on a monthly basis will face an additional 5% charge on top of the annual road tax cost.

There will also be a £2.50 surcharge for anyone wishing to pay their road tax via a credit card.

Anyone selling their vehicle is still expected to let the DVLA know immediately of the change of ownership with failure to do so resulting in fines up to £1000. When the DVLA is notified of the sale of a vehicle they will process an automatic refund of any months still remaining on the road tax for that vehicle.

For full information on the changes go to the DVLA Vehicle Tax changes website.

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