Police halt investigations into park assault in Elgin

Part of Cooper Park was sealed off (www.jasperimage.co.uk)

An investigation launched into an alleged rape in Elgin’s Cooper Park has concluded that no crime was committed.

Part of the park was sealed off on Saturday morning following reports of a sexual assault in the area on Friday evening, with police issuing an appeal for witnesses.

However, following extensive inquiries police now say that no crime was committed.

The alleged incident was reported to police officers as having taken place on Friday evening between 10pm and 11.45pm. As a result an investigations unit and detectives were sent from Aberdeen.

At least seven officers and a police photographer were involved in Saturday’sĀ investigation, examining an area of the park between the library and the bowling green until late on Saturday afternoon.

Confirming that no evidence of an assault had been found a spokeswoman for Police Scotland confirmed that the incident was no longer being regarded as criminal in nature, adding: “After further investigation it has been established that no crime has occurred.”

It is not known at this time if any further action is to be taken in regard to the false alarm.

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