Speyside primary school to hold drop-in session over closure threat

Removing small schools from Moray removes choice and if all schools are equal where would the children who thrive in smaller schools go.

That is a central question being posed by one of the growing number of parent action groups being formed throughout Moray to fight plans that would see one secondary school and several rural primary schools being closed.

The Save Craigellachie School group are calling on Moray councillors to reject any plan that would see pupils at their school amalgamated with those of either Rothes or Aberlour, one of the many changes proposed in the Sustainable Education Review to be considered by the local authority next month.

Speaking on behalf of the group Lorna Johnston said: “We as a group are very concerned that the Councillors will vote on this suggestion as it is an ‘easy option’ to shuffle us into Rothes.

“In my view the report does not represent every school in Moray fairly and the workshops were they have gathered their information from were focussed on ‘all things being equal’

“Removing small schools from Moray removes choice – if All Schools are equal, where does the children who thrive in smaller schools go? This is not an educational benefit to them.

“A school in Elgin cannot be compared to a school in Speyside, the same as Speyside cannot be compared to Schools on the coast.

“We cannot either assume schools within each area are the same, Craigellachie cannot be compared to Knockando for example.

“Each school has to be looked at individually and merited on its own Sustainable Educational Benefits, where this has been omitted in the review.

“There are so many unanswered questions and non-proven assumptions within this report, how can any Councillor fairly vote on these suggestions on November 3.”

The group are holding a drop-in information day on Thursday from 2pm until 8pm at the Craigellachie Village Hall to gather views from the local community.

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