Warning against complacency after two mild winters

Moray cannot be complacent after mild winters

Successive mild winters enjoyed in Moray should not lull people into any false sense of security.

Research undertaken on behalf of the Scottish Government and the British Red Cross has found that throughout Scotland 40% of people remained concerned about emergencies caused by treacherous weather conditions.

That is down by over 10% on a similar exercise twelve months earlier – causing concern that people are becoming too relaxed about the dangers they can face in a Scottish winter.

The survey also learned that nine out of every 10 car owners believed themselves to be prepared for an emergency – based on their carrying an ice-scraper and de-icer in their vehicles.

Highlighting the national campaign ‘Ready for Winter’, Moray’s MSP Richard Lochhead warned that people in Moray should take nothing for granted: “Transport Minister Keith Brown this week launched the ‘Ready for Winter?’ campaign from the Scottish Government – and in so doing he has rightly focused on the need to take nothing for granted when it comes to winter safety in Scotland.

“Over the last five years in most parts of Scotland, including here in Moray, we have been affected by severe weather ranging from snow and freezing temperatures to high winds.

“The recent severe flooding that affected pretty much all of our region. If there’s one thing we know about our weather its that it is unpredictable.

“I would urge people to prepare an emergency kit for their home and car, note down emergency phone numbers and check on any neighbours, family or friends to see if they need any help.

“We can hope to never need to use emergency procedures but its far better to safe than sorry this winter.”

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