Community council aims to lift their communication game

Lossiemouth – community council reports

Community council’s work – that is the message from one Moray community group determined to make a real difference.

Since forming their first fully elected community council just over a year ago, the Lossiemouth Community Council have been at the heart of several initiatives aimed at improving and supporting their community.

These include the forming of an independent community trust in the town and working with the Hopeman Community Association and Burghead & Cummingston Community Council in the formation of the Laich Coast Tourism Group.

Now the community council aims to ensure people are better informed of their activities by reporting them through the pages of insideMoray.

A spokesman said: “At our December meeting we discussed several issues important to people in the town – but we also realised that while members of the public can attend our meetings and minutes are recorded at Moray Council we could do more to inform the public of our activities.

“As the editor of a community news site is also a member of our community council we felt it made sense to use that site to report activities after each monthly meeting.”

Most of the issues discussed by the community council are reported by members of the community – and are taken forward, where required, by one of the four Moray Councillors who also attend on a regular basis.

Following the latest meeting Councillor Chris Tuke sought assistance from the Waste Management Manger at Moray Council after he heard that bins had been left scattered in some streets after regular collections.

The spokesman said: “As a result of that a notice was passed on to bin collectors asking that they take extra care in replacing bins, which otherwise might be causing a problem for pedestrians.

“Councillor Tuke also sought clarification on speed limits in parts of the town and received an assurance from the Council that traffic counts would be conducted in the town in the New Year.

“These are just a couple of examples of how the public can bring issues to their community council and how these are then taken forward with action resulting whenever possible.”

Monthly reports from Lossiemouth Community Council will commence in January while other community councils in the region will be invited to submit similar reports from their communities.

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