Encouraging response to drive against workplace bullying

Rhoda Grant launched workplace bullying reporting site

A website set up at the start of this week aimed at encouraging people to speak out about their experiences of workplace bullying has been declared an early success.

The site was launched by Highlands, Islands and Moray MSP Rhoda Grant, who said that since launching the site on Monday she had received supportive messages from throughout the region.

Ahead of arriving in Moray on Friday to highlight the new site to constituents the MSP said: “Only on Monday we launched this support web site aimed at helping those who suffer at the hands of bullies in employment.

“Since Monday I have been stopped and informed of constituents’ individual experiences at the hands of the bullies. We have received supportive and positive Emails from a variety of people and organisations and one local media outlet has secured 125 likes on their Facebook page and 25 positive comments relating to this campaign.

“I am taking the campaign to Elgin on Friday and will be at the St Giles Centre at 10am along with Ailsa McDowell, the local UNISON representative and Councillor Sean Morton.

“It is important that those of us who can effect change whether that be legislative, cultural or within society, do all we can to make sure this horrible behavioural action gets eradicated or at least becomes no longer acceptable under any circumstance.”

“Bullying says more about the bully than the innocent sufferer – basically we all know that bullies are cowards.

“In employment jealousy plays a part as does lack of confidence in the bullies own ability and in management – the bully has to use his or her position to assert their control.”

Ms Grant issued a passionate plea to anyone who has suffered or is suffering at the hands of workplace bullies, saying: “Please, please – if you suffer at the hands of bullies visit our site and hopefully there you will find information that will help you deal with or take action against the bully.”

The Tobie website is now live – click here.

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