Moray firm shoots for international success with fitness box

A Moray fitness equipment manufacturer is aiming to make a major impact on a fast-growing industry with the launch of a new and highly innovative piece of kit.

BIA Fitness are hoping that their bid on the online crowdfunding platform Kickstarter will help ensure that their BIAbox receives national and international backing.

BIAbox was launched this week at the Focus Fitness and Martial Arts Centre in Elgin. A multi-use bodyweight strength and fitness frame, it allows the user to perform up to forty different exercises in a single, compact product.

The idea was the brainchild of BIA Fitness Managing Director Rob Montgomerie, a former Royal Marine who knows better than most just what it takes to get fit and stay fit.

Rob said: “Every inch of the BIAbox is functional and has been designed with the single purpose of helping you get fitter.

“It will develop your power, improve your balance, increase your strength, challenge your core, and push your fitness to new levels by allowing you to do up to 40 effective exercises.

“It’s simple to use, with no pins, no weights, or complicated systems of pulleys, and is designed to be stackable and portable – it will fit on the back seat of your car.”

Amongst those who have already tried and tested the kit is Sarah Grigor, a personal trainer from Lossiemouth who had no hesitation in purchasing a BIAbox on the spot, insisting the new equipment would be “the next big thing in personal fitness”.

For more information visit the BIAbox on Kickstarter 

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