Moves to gather support for public protest at crunch meeting

Angry Moray taxpayers may be set to launch a vocal protest when councillors gather for a crunch meeting next week.

A meeting of the Full Council will be held on December 17 at which plans to resurrect the £8m+ west approach road will be put before councillors Рas well as the leadership of the local authority facing a vote of no confidence.

While the SNP opposition group have put in place a motion seeking to halt the ‘promotion’ of current council leader Allan Wright to the post of Convener, it has also been suggested by Tory councillor Douglas Ross that moves should be made to remove the entire administration and seek a ‘rainbow alliance’ at the local authority.

Now moves are being planned to put further pressure on the Independent administration with a Moray woman calling on support for a public demonstration outside the council chamber.

Celia Smith has called for a protest against the administration, saying: “A good turnout of Moray residents will tell the councillors the strength of feeling by the electorate.”

Meanwhile Eleanor Hayward¬†highlighted the squabbles in the council chamber and likened them to a primary school playground: “This kind of behaviour one would expect in a primary school – not in Council Chambers by those elected to serve the public.”

Hopeman resident Vivien Hendry is another who believes a “loud and emphatic” protest in support of the ideas put forward by Councillor Ross would send a message that Moray taxpayers have had enough of the party-led council system.

She said: “A demonstration in support of the ‘rainbow alliance’ proposal might be a good thing – that and reminding people of the service cuts Allan Wright has pushed through.

“Arts, Libraries, potentially Schools and staffing cuts have already taken place, as well as ignoring the public feelings against the Elgin link road.”

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