New drink drive limits are having a positive effect

The introduction of new limits on the amount of alcohol motorists can consume before driving has led to a fall of one-third on the number of people caught.

New regulations were brought into force on December 5 that saw the Scottish limit being reduced from 80mg of alcohol in the blood to 50mg per 100ml.

That prompted warnings that the only safe course of action for motorists was never to consume any alcohol if they intended to drive.

Now figures released by Police Scotland for the first week after the introduction of the new limits show 71 people were caught driving with excess alcohol – eight of whom fell between the old and new limits.

Chief Constable Sir Stephen House said he believed that it was publicity about the new limit that brought about the fall in numbers when compared to the weeks leading up to the introduction of the new limit.

He said: “A lot of papers are reporting that DIY breath test kits – which we do not endorse – had sold out.

“That in itself must be a good thing because it shows a rise in awareness – but our view remains that any drinking, no matter how little, affects your driving so the safest thing to do is not to drink and drive at all.”

In Moray and throughout Scotland police are now well into operations aimed at ensuring the festive season is not marred by drink driving.

Last year in the 20 days between December 13 and January 1 the Scottish Ambulance Service dealt with just short of 32,000 emergency incidents – an increase of around 4000.

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