Protesters lodge 1000-name petition against Brown Muir plans

A group fighting against renewed attempts to build a 12-turbine windfarm near Elgin have lodged a second petition with over 1000 signatures with Moray planners.

Campaigners had thought the fight was over when Edinburgh-based firm Vento Ludens initial attempt to build on the site at Brown Muir was withdrawn.

That came earlier this year when the company were faced with over 2000 objections and only ten people expressing their support for the plans. However, the firm returned last month with a renewed planning application that reduced the number of turbines they wished to create from 19 to 12.

The Brown Muir Action Group have not accepted arguments from the firm that the renewed bid would have a much lower visual and environmental impact.

In lodging the petition this week a spokesman for the action group said they believed the number of letters against the proposals is one of the highest ever made for a planning application in Moray – adding that if the proposals went ahead it could have a devastating effect on wildlife.

However, the head of development at Vento Ludens, Mike Kelly, insisted he was “optimistic” for the new plans despite objections.

“We are pleased to have far fewer objections to the new Brown Muir wind farm designed,” he said, adding: “It was also encouraging to see comments from Elgin Community Council who are much more supportive of the new scheme.”

Vento Ludens insist that information being given out by the campaigners about their project has been “misleading”.

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