Motorists warned to behave sensibly at school crossings

Abusive and intimidating motorists are being warned that failure to observe a Lollypop Person’s signal to stop could lead to a fine of up to £1000.

The message came from Moray Council who are urging motorist to show more consideration of those responsible for seeing children safely across Moray’s roads.

In a warning sparked by reports that some motorists were failing to stop when requested or were moving off before the patroller had returned to the pavement, the local authority pointed out that such behaviour was both highly dangerous and against the law.

Moray Council’s public transport unit are responsible for crossing patrollers and are now working with the council’s road safety education officer, Lucy Cramb, to highlight the issue and urge motorists to be more considerate.

Mrs Cramb said: “The vast majority of motorists do obey the signals from patrollers and everyone is kept safe.

“However, in recent months concerns have been raised that some drivers are ignoring the order to stop and the lives of patrollers and children are being put at risk. This is not only unacceptable, it is also illegal, because patrollers have a legal right to stop traffic.

“When motorists approach a crossing patroller or a school it is extremely important that they observe road traffic signs, slow down and exercise extreme caution and be prepared to stop.

“The safety of children should be everyone’s top priority and it is a matter of concern that a minority of drivers behave in the way they do towards school crossing patrollers and in close proximity to children.”

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