New figures reveal boom time for small business start-ups

Business start-ups on the up in Moray

The number of small businesses operating in Moray has increased to a ten-year high – with the number of newly created businesses in the region rising by a third.

At 2600 the number of active business enterprises in Moray is higher than at any time in the last ten years and 33% higher than existed in 2009.

Figures released by the Office of National Statistics are showing that 285 new businesses were created in 2013 – 19% more than a year earlier.

Much of the credit for the increase is being claimed by the SNP, who say that the Small Business Bonus Scheme (SBBS) they introduced has seen 2055 properties in receipt of rates relief – representing a saving for Moray business of £2.8million in the current financial year.

“These latest figures show the number of businesses created in Moray is up by a third since 2009 and this year over 2,000 small businesses benefited from the Small Business Bonus Scheme,” Moray’s MSP, Richard Lochhead, said.

He added: “This is real help during difficult financial times. In Moray we also have the third highest five-year survival rate for businesses at 53.1%, with Scotland overall comparing very favourably with the rest of the UK.

“A strong small business sector is the foundation of Moray and Scotland’s economy and the SNP wants small businesses to continue to thrive in 2015 and beyond.

“With over £2million being saved by businesses in Moray this is money that is being spent locally and supporting local job creation.

“These are important factors in Moray having a 10 year high of active enterprises of over 2,600.”

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