Boundary changes for Elgin schools will be subjected to scrutiny

Moray Council

A wide ranging consultation exercise on the re-zoning of primary schools in Elgin is to get under way following agreement by Councillors this week.

The proposals are to include plans being put in place for catchment areas for two new primary schools in the town, one to the north and another to the south.

All six existing primary schools will also have their existing zones revisited.

Preliminary consultations are expected to take place in April and May as part of the statutory procedures for changing school zones.

Plans for rezoning the schools were first put in place in November last year when the Children and Young People’s Services Committee were informed that current occupancy pressures existed at all six primary schools in Elgin.

At that time councillors read a report that showed Bishopmill, East End and New Elgin primary schools would exceed their functional capacities by 2017, with Seafield doing so a year later.

The committee were reminded on Wednesday that if primary zones in Elgin remain unaltered, four of the town’s six zoned schools would have more pupils that they could accommodate by 2021.

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