Police renew appeal a year after pensioner went missing from Buckie home

Ian Bramald and (inset) son Jim.

Police have issued a fresh appeal for information one year to the day after a 73-year-old Buckie pensioner went missing from his home.

Ian Bramald was last seen on the morning of Wednesday, February 26 last year near his home in the Archibald Court and Barhill Road area of the town.

An extensive search was launched for Mr Bramald helped by hundreds of members of the pubic – however, to date there has been no indications on what happened to him.

Now Detective Inspector Norman Stevenson, who is leading the enquiry, is reminded people in the area to be mindful that he is still missing – and to report any clothing or belongings they find which may belong to Mr Bramald to the police.

DI Stevenson said: “We are still appealing to the public to help us find Mr Bramald as he is still missing and this would bring closure to his family.

“I would ask that people in the area, particularly dog walkers or hikers, remind themselves of the description of Mr Bramald and keep an eye out for any clothing or belongings found which may be his.

“Mr Bramald is described as 5′ 10″ to 5′ 11″ in height, with receding dark hair. When he was last seen he was wearing a short green waterproof jacket, blue corduroy trousers, a cap, a multi-coloured scarf, and glasses.”

Last August Mr Bramald’s son Jim ran an Ultra Marathon (36.5 miles) to raise £6,117 for the Search and Rescue Dogs Association Scotland (SARDA) who assisted in the search.

Jim Bramald said: “My family has received a huge amount of support from friends and extended family since the disappearance of my father a year ago.

“We have also been grateful of the efforts by the police and partner agencies who were involved in the search for my Dad. However he is still missing and we would like to mark the year-point by again reminding people that we are still looking for him.

“If you know something which may help, perhaps there is something at the back of your mind, please speak to the police.”

SARDA Scotland dogs and handlers are trained to search for missing people all over Scotland and are deployed 24/7. Several dogs and handlers worked tirelessly in the search for Mr Bramald over a period of days.

Mr Bramald’s son recognised this dedication and as such raised money for SARDA Scotland through Just Giving by completing a gruelling race in Speyside.

It costs approximately £4000 to train and equip a dog and handler per year, so the amount that Jim Bramald raised effectively paid for this, as well as some other vital equipment for the team.

Allison Todd, Treasurer, said: “Without public donations we would not be able to provide such support to the Police.

The handlers of SARDA Scotland as volunteers themselves greatly appreciate the effort Jim put in to raise this money and also his recognition for their work during the search.”

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