Campaign for safe cycle route to be taken to Holyrood

A long running campaign to link two Moray communities with a safe cycle path is to be highlighted at the Scottish Parliament.

The path had been established between Brodie and Forres alongside the busy A96 but is no longer usable with the blame being laid firmly at the door of Transport Scotland.

Hundreds of local campaigners have been trying to have the cycle path restored claiming that it only fell in disrepair when the national transport agency took on responsibility for the road.

Two years ago Moray’s MSP, Richard Lochhead, chaired a meeting between campaigners, Transport Scotland, the Moray Council and Sustrans in the hope of finding a way forward.

It was agreed at that time that a review would be carried out aimed at finding alternative routes for a cycle path linking Brodie and Forres – however, Transport Scotland concluded that “no action was required”.

At the time Mr Lochhead said: “This issue has been rumbling on for a while and we seem now to be making some welcome progress.”

With no progress having been made, however, the MSP for Highlands and Islands (including Moray), David Stewart, has decided to raise the matter in Edinburgh.

Mr Stewart said: “I have been in contact with a resident from Dyke who was instrumental in raising this issue in the first place way back in 2008.

“He advises me that nothing has happened for the last five years despite communication with Transport Scotland. I am aware that this pathway would be well used by persons wishing to travel between Forres and Brodie and in particular to access the many activities undertaken at Brodie Castle.”

Mr Stewart added that he has now lodged a parliamentary question asking what action the Scottish Government proposes to take to reinstate the cycle path.

The MSP added: “This issue needs to be brought to a sound conclusion and I am looking forward to an update from the Scottish Government.”

A petition had been raised by Neil Jeronim that attracted over 1600 signatories which was handed over to Richard Lochhead MSP, Mr Jeronim saying: “People use the A96 road all the time between Brodie and Forres, and unless a proper route is provided there will be an accident.”

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