Motorists warned to take extra care as dust clouds build

Dust clouds have been a common feature in Moray

Motorists in Moray are being warned to take extra care as high winds whipped up dust clouds that were producing difficult driving conditions on Saturday.

As some points on the A96 to the east of Forres visibility was down to just a couple of yards as dust was being blown into the path of traffic.

The same situation faced drivers traveling on the A941 from Elgin to Lossiemouth, where again dust clouds had reduced visibility to just a few feet in places.

Forres reader Alan Muir told insideMoray: “We’ve seen this before of course but it was unexpected when driving into Forres – I came around a bend and suddenly could not see much more than a few feet in front as we were enveloped in dust.

“All you can do is slow right down – but then you are wary of cars behind you not reacting quite so quickly.”

A spokesman for Police Scotland said: “Motorists should always be aware of driving conditions and on some roads that includes dust clouds forming.”

Dust clouds – usually caused by a combination of dry conditions followed by high winds – have been a common feature on several Moray routes. When faced with such conditions motorists are advised to slow down and turn on their headlights.

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