Warm front adds to Moray flood warning confusion

Moray on a high – temperatures and tides!

Moray residents could hardly be blamed for becoming confused by conflicting weather forecasts for this weekend.

On the one hand weather experts are continuing to predict that the region will be one of the warmest places in Europe – while on the other they have the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) placing the entire region on flood alert!

A SEPA spokesman said that low-lying parts of Findhorn is at risk of flooding while also warning that Kingston and Garmouth could be at risk. That warning is linked to exceptionally high tides at around 1.30pm today.

There is, however, a link between the apparently confusing forecasts – with high temperatures it is expected that the rivers Findhorn and Spey could see their levels increase dramatically through snow-melt on the hills.

Added to the prevailing weather front from the north-west and higher tides SEPA are predicting problems for coastal areas.

Last night the Met Office had not changed their prediction for warm weather in Moray with temperatures in Elgin today expected to rise to 16deg by early afternoon before falling back over the coming days to below 10deg.

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