Editorial: Only failure can follow political leaders who just won’t listen

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Leader of a non-political Moray Council?

One could almost understand what the Leader of Moray Council was talking about this week when he scrambled out the phrase “there is no place in Moray Council for politics”.

On the face of it, that sounded like the most ridiculous statement yet from the leader of an administration that appears to many to be clinging on grimly to power while refusing to believe that a few of its decisions might just have been, well, wrong.

What is being a councillor, after all, if it is not politics? What is forming into a single voice a group of people voted into office on a platform of acting first and foremost at the behest of their own communities, rather than a particular political party – is that not politics?

We would ask Councillor Cree – what was it when forming an alliance first with a group of Tories and then when you fall out with most of them seeking to form one with Labour if it was not politics?

Yet – we do understand that he probably means there is no place for party politics at Moray Council and for that he might have had a point. Other than the fact that to say such a thing completely overlooks one vital fact – the majority of councillors elected by the people of Moray represent political parties.

That being the case, they have decided that party politics does have a part to play at Moray Council.

Not that such a fact would put off the leader of an administration that has set out its stall to firmly reject public opinion.

End of the day history shows that when you do that then ultimately you are rejected by the people – and that certainly is politics.

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