Election: Morton lays out his vision for Moray voters

Labour campaign shop in Elgin was opened this week.

SNP plans for full fiscal autonomy would produce “eye watering” results for Moray according to the Scottish Labour candidate for the forthcoming General Election.

Speaking last night Sean Morton insisted that the choice for voters next month could not be more clear – investment in the future of young Scots and an end to austerity under Scottish Labour, or losing £1400 per person for schools and hospitals under the SNP plans.

Morton said: “The impact in Moray would be eye-watering – we’d lose £134million in public spending if we followed the SNP’s plan.

“That’s not just a number – that’s an entire generation of Moray’s young people who could see their futures squandered because of an SNP obsession.

“Scottish Labour will use our UK wide tax system to invest £1billion in the future of Scotland’s young people – including a Scottish Job Guarantee, finding work for the 5000 young Scots aged 18-24 who have been claiming JSA for over a year.

“Our plan is fully costed – we wouldn’t need a single penny more in borrowing – that’s a guarantee.

“All the SNP’s plan guarantees is austerity max for Moray, as Scotland would face £7.6billion of cuts over and above anything the Tories inflict on us.”

Meanwhile the local Labour campaign set up shop this week in Elgin, where campaigners opened a pop-up shop promoting their election bid. Sean Morton said: “On our first day we had lots of people popping into the shop and collecting leaflets and posters showing their support. Out and about we’ve had new members sign up on the doorstep – people are being very positive about our plan.

“I want to talk to as any people as I can about our plan for a fairer Moray and our fight against Tory austerity and the SNP’s eye-watering plan for austerity max. People can chat to volunteers on the doorstep, at the shop or can call me, text me, tweet me, email me and Facebook me.

“Unlike some, we’re taking nothing for granted in this election. We’re going to fight for every single vote, every single day, one conversation at a time.”

There are six candidates contesting the Moray seat in the election on May 7. Joining Sean Morton is James MacKessack Leitch (Scottish Greens), Jamie Paterson (Liberal Democrats), Angus Robertson (SNP), Douglas Ross (Scottish Conservative and Unionist) and Rob Scorer (UKIP).

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