Elgin woman ended up in court after Granary assault

A night out to an Elgin bar ended up costing a local woman a deal more than she had planned for when she landed in court answering assault charges.

43-year-old Sharon Clark of Pinegrove in Elgin appeared before Sheriff Susan Raeburn on Thursday accused of acting in a racially aggravated manner outside the Granary on March 14.

Clark had launched into a verbal attack against Irish bouncer Philip Moran, who she accused of “taking our jobs” before slapping him after being told that she was not being allowed to enter the bar as she had had too much to drink.

The court heard that Clark also turned on Mr Moran’s colleague Norbert Ciuk, kicking him in the leg, and also lashed out at onlooker Helen Ross, kicking her in the shin.

After Clark had admitted the offence Sheriff Raeburn ordered her to pay a total of £600 in compensation to her victims.

Clark was also banned from visiting the Granary for 12 months.

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