Moray Housing Partnership delight at rising status

Barry Jarvis, MHP Chairman

A Moray-based housing association has turned its fortunes around from a low point in 2006 when it was rated by regulators as having “significant governance weaknesses”.

The Moray Housing Partnership (MHP) has just under 500 properties in Moray managed from its Lossiemouth base.

Since the 2006 report by the Scottish Housing Regulator there has been a steady improvement in the management of the association with inspections resulting in it falling from a high level of engagement to the latest taking it to a low level.

MHP chairman Barry Jarvis said: “This is a real achievement – following years of ongoing work and communication with the regulator we have emerged from the other side a financially stronger and better run organisation.

“This along with the very positive annual return on charter figures is all very good news for our tenants.

“Credit must go to staff and board members past and present who have endured over the years whilst we have worked on the issues we faced. Without the loyal support of many of these individuals we would not have got to this stage today.

“We cannot however rest on our laurels and as a management committee in conjunction with our constitutional partners in the Aberdeenshire Housing Partnership (AHP) group we will continue to work to maintain this level by committing to best practice and looking to ensure that at all times we display good governance in our decision making process.”

MHP entered into a constitutional partnership with the AHP group in 2013 and now has a number of vacancies on its management committee.

Bill Chapman, a committee member on the MHP and chair of the Moray & Aberdeenshire Housing Partnerships Tenants Association (MAHPTA) said: “Being a committee member is demanding but very, very rewarding.

“As Chair of MAHPTA and a tenant I’m delighted that MHP has secured low engagement with the Scottish Housing Regulator. I know that this is hard earned and will be welcomed by all our tenants.”

Mr Jarvis meanwhile added that now was an excellent time for people to think about learning more about the Association and consider becoming a committee member of Morays’ only locally based Housing Association.

Anyone interested are encouraged to visit the Associations’ website or contact MHP Office on 01343 543210 for further details.

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