Realities of road traffic accidents brought home to business leaders

Scotland’s firefighters brought a taste of the consequences of road traffic accidents to employers throughout Scotland this week with a series of demonstrations on how they deal with serious incidents.

Several business leaders attended the ‘Crash Live’ course at Elgin fire station, one of a number of re-enactments of the aftermath of a typical accident.

Using power tools to cut away the roof of a car, firefighters demonstrated how inflatable air bags are then deployed to lift stricken vehicles so than anyone trapped below them can be released.

Station manager at Elgin, David Farquharson, said: “The demonstration went very well and while often we focus events like these on members of the public this one for was for employers.

“Those who attended can now pass on the lessons of the Crash Live event to their staff who commute to work. In the unfortunate event of an accident those employers should know what to do.

“We wanted to highlight the consequences of road traffic collisions and how they affect families as well as the businesses that employ them.”

Last month Moray roads were revealed as being amongst the most deadly in the UK according to a study conducted by the Direct Line Insurance for the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Road Safety (PACTS).

The study showed that while having a significantly lower than average rate of accidents those that did happen tended to be at the most serious end of the scale, placing Moray in the top 10% it terms of people killed or seriously injured from road accidents.

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