Buckie teen urges young people to ‘plan ahead’

Apprentice Week
A MORAY TEENAGER is encouraging young people to plan ahead by looking to learn a traditional trade.

The call from Matthew Edwards, who began a joinery apprenticeship with Moray Council after leaving Buckie High School two years ago, comes at the start of Scottish Apprentice Week.

“I just thought that to get a trade was a sensible decision,” the 19-year-old said, adding: “I would be set for a future and always have something to fall back on.”

Matthew is one of 727 apprentices working in Moray – most in the construction industry, with the majority of these young people aged between 16 and 19.

Skills Development Scotland are behind the week designed to highlight the benefits for both young people and businesses brought by apprenticeships. Matthew added: “I like learning a trade and being part of a team – although it can be hard work it is an interesting and fun experience.

“I also know that once I qualify in just over two years I may secure a permanent tradesman post on a full-time wage.”

Chairman of the Moray Business Forum, James Johnston, said that modern apprenticeships afford a “real partnership” for apprentices and business: “Not only do they help employees gain essential skills that can set them up for the future but they support businesses through the effective training of employees.”