Election: Robertson finishes polls apart from the opposition in Moray

Angus Robertson romped to victory in Moray.
Angus Robertson romped to victory in Moray.

Angus Robertson has held the Moray Parliamentary seat at the UK General Election in emphatic fashion.

The result was announced at 3.10am – but the writing was on the wall for several hours as the votes were being stacked on the Elgin Town Hall stage.

Mr Robertson polled 24,384 votes – up from 16,273 he polled in winning the seat in 2010 – while Tory local councillor Douglas Ross again came second in the poll with 15,319 votes – up from the 10,683 he polled five years earlier.

On what was a miserable night throughout Scotland for the Labour Party, their Moray candidate Sean Morton polled 4898 votes – a fall from the 7007 collected by Kieron Green at the last general election.

The UKIP candidate Robert Scorer polled 1939 while there was a close fight for fifth place with Edinburgh-based Lib Dem candidate Jamie Paterson, who did not attend the count, polling 1395 just ahead of the Greens candidate James MacKessack-Leitch who polled 1345 votes.

Mr Robertson described his victory as part of a “seismic shift” in Scottish politics on a night when the SNP swept to 56 seats and status as the third force in UK politics with a series of stunning and record-breaking victories around the country.

The leader of the SNP at Westminster added that it was the highest ever majority recorded in Moray – adding that this was a truly “amazing result”.

A total of 49,321 votes were cast in Moray from a possible electorate of 71,685.