Funding pot will help events that promote Moray

John Cowe
John Cowe – scheme to help communities promote Moray

MORAY COUNCIL HAS launched a new fund aimed at helping local groups and organisations to host events that attract visitors to the region.

The £20,000 fund is to be made available this year to provide grants that would cover up to 50% of costs groups would face in hosting a visitor event that “boosts economic development” in the region.

Maximum grants of up to £5000 will be available for a scheme that Councillor John Cowe, chairman of the economic development and infrastructure committee, describes as a “great platform” for local groups to show off all that is good about Moray.

Councillor Cowe said: “The money is there for the right projects – this council has put economic development as its number one priority, and I know from experience that the many events held in Moray generate visitor income and provide a financial boost to the area.

“This will also provide a great platform for local producers to show off some of the finest food and drink in Scotland that is made right here in Moray.”

A spokesman for the Laich Coast Tourism Group, which was formed at the end of last year and aims to promote visitor attractions and tourism along the Moray coast from Findhorn to Lossiemouth, welcomed the initiative.

He said: “This is exactly the type of initiative that we wish to see in Moray – and we will certainly be discussing how we can best use this to help our own work in promoting the Laich Coast.

“There are already a number of fantastic visitor events and attractions held in Moray and this can only enhance these and encourage more people to become involved in promoting our beautiful part of the world.”

Applications for the funding are being invited by the end of June for events that would be taking place from before the end of March 2017. Awards will be announced around September this year with each application considered on merit rather than being a “first come first served” process.

All grants provided will be subject to conditions including a requirement to submit a report after the event.

Information on the grant scheme can be found online.