Taps turned off again at Moray primary school

Logie Primary
PUPILS AT A MORAY primary were given an extra day off as it was hit for a second time this month by a fault in its water supply.

Logie Primary School pupils were sent home on May 6 after their water supply was cut off – the result of a project being undertaken by Scottish Water.

Then it was a planned power cut that caused the disruption, with Scottish Water having failed to warn residents blaming “communication issues” and the lack of a backup power supply at a local pumping station.

On Friday the school’s Head Teacher once again had to tell pupils to go home as the school was left without water – with Scottish Water giving a different reason for the fault.

“An issue with a valve in the water network in the Logie area resulted in a temporary loss of supply to the primary school,” a spokesman for the supplier said, adding: “The cause of the interruption was due to a lack of water getting into the tank that feeds the building and this resulted in a very low pressure.

“Our local network operator checked the valve and after making some alterations was able to restore full flow to the tank and school.”

A school spokeswoman for the Dunphail school said that with no running water supply at the school there was no choice but to send the children home.