Vulnerability of children highlighted in Scottish Road Safety week

A Scotland-wide campaign this week places Children at the heart of road safety when traveling by foot, cycling or by car.

Police Scotland have been highlighting Scottish Road Safety Week (SRSW) which got under way on Monday and continues until May 10.

The campaign hopes to raise awareness of the dangers children face – 1062 were injured on Scotland’s road in 2013 – nine died while 143 were seriously injured. While recognising that year recorded the lowest rate of people killed or injured since records began, police say that everyone has a part to play in reducing it much further.

Child pedestrians and child cyclists are two of the key targets for the campaign, with warnings about the risks of not wearing a helmet, how vulnerable you can be if you cycle with headphones on, and the dangers of not wearing bright/ fluorescent colours, as both a pedestrian and a cyclist.

The importance of using dedicated pedestrian crossings is also being highlighted.

Chief Superintendent Iain Murray, Head of Road Policing, Police Scotland, said: “Everyone in Scotland has a part to play in keeping people safe on our roads, and a particular responsibility towards children, be they pedestrians, cyclists, or passengers in cars.

“It is essential we protect the most vulnerable members of our communities. As the nights get lighter and we move from spring and into summer, vulnerable road users, including children, are more at risk.”

SRSW is running in parallel with the United Nations’ Global Road Safety Week, which is also focusing on road safety for children around the world. According to the UN, more than 500 children a day die globally as a result of road traffic accidents.