Appeal for people with language skills to help Moray school

BUCKIE HIGH SCHOOL is appealing for help from residents who speak foreign languages to help them stress the importance of speaking other than English.

The school has issued a plea for local people who are fluent in other languages to attend a special event later this year.

Principal Teacher for modern languages at the school, Catherine Eadon, said that increasingly pupils are finding on leaving school that a second language would be a great help in their finding work.

“We are looking for people who specialise and often use different languages in the course of their daily work to come forward,” she said.

Ms Eadon added: “Because of how the world is now, speaking only in your native tongue is sometimes not enough to get by. Knowing other languages can also help children understand other cultures, and learning them is really good for the brain.”

The school will hold a “Moray modern languages day” on Wednesday, October 7 and are asking anyone who would be interested in helping out to contact them on 01542 835955.