Community issue call to flower watering duties

Volunteers required to water flowers in Lossiemouth
Volunteers required to water flowers in Lossiemouth

A COMMUNITY TRUST is appealing for help in keeping one of Moray’s most attractive seaside towns looking “bright and cheerful”.

In the wake of severe cuts by Moray Council to floral beds around the region, the Lossiemouth Community Development Trust (LCDT) has taken on the task of providing and maintaining flower beds in the town.

The Trust have built on work undertaken by the local community council through providing flowers in Station Park, James Square and all along the Promenade at the East Beach.

A spokesman for the LCDT said: “The Community Council started the ball rolling last year when they provide planters and flowers in the town – and they certainly make a massive difference which is appreciated by local people and visitors alike.

“They also provided the town with two water bowsers which we can use to ensure that plants are watered throughout the summer – a job that most of the time requires to be done every day.”

Funding to put the flowers in place this year was granted to the LCDT from the ‘Town Partnership’ and as a result of work done earlier this month there is now a fantastic splash of colour around the town.

While Moray Council continue to care for some parts of the town, the additional flower beds must be maintained by the community.

“For that we need volunteers to come forward and help us with the task of watering the flower beds through the summer.

“The water bowsers can be heavy so volunteers need to be fit – but it is a very rewarding job knowing that you are putting something back into the community,” the spokesman added.

Anyone who wishes to volunteer is asked to contact Stuart Crowther, Secretary of the LCDT, by email via