Learner driver found over the limit receives ‘modest’ penalty

Elgin Sheriff Court
Elgin Sheriff Court

ERATIC DRIVING ALONG the A96 between Alves and Elgin landed a woman in court on drink driving charges this week.

Beata Dobrowolski from Elgin paid a “modest penalty” for what Sheriff Peter Grant-Hutchison described as a modest offence when she appeared before him at Elgin Sheriff Court.

The 28-year-old learner driver had her husband at her side when she was spotted driving erratically along the A96 at around 11pm on Sunday, May 24. Fiscal Ruaridh McAlister told the court that other drivers were concerned as the car was seen swerving around the road at between 20mph and 30mph.

When stopped by police Dobrowolski admitted having drunk beer and a glass of wine earlier that day and was subsequently found to be 10micrograms over the limit. She also admitted driving without insurance or a licence.

In her defence solicitor David Adams pointed out that seven months earlier his client would not have faced any drink drive charges as until December last year she would have been on the limit permitted by law.

Describing the offence as “modest”, Sheriff Grant-Hutchison imposed a fine of £200 and disqualified Dbrowolski from driving for one year.