Moray firm reassures customers over bouncy castle safety

Safety reassurances
A MORAY FIRM has issued an assurance over the safety of inflatable entertainment equipment it hires out after several children were injured in a weekend incident in Fife.

The assurance came after an inflatable slide hired from an unconnected Fife firm blew away in high winds causing injuries to be sustained by several children using it at the time.

Jump for Joy Moray cancelled to of its own hires in Moray due to strong winds in the area over the weekend – insisting that it would have been “irresponsible” of them to allow the hires to go ahead under such conditions.

Their statement came after the accident at the Cupar Gala in Fife, and while admitting that their decision had left customers disappointed the party supplies company said they had no choice in the matter and always put the health and safety of their customers first.

A statement on the Jump for Joy social media site said: “Unfortunately we had to cancel two of our hires because of the strong winds.

“We obviously don’t like having to do this and we appreciate that it must be disappointing for our customers. However, it would have been completely irresponsible of us to put castles outside when there were such strong winds and it was forecast to get worse as the day went on.

“Sadly there are some companies still willing to take the risk and, as was proven at an incident in Fife, it is always innocent children who end up injured and suffering as a result of the operators negligence.

“I agree Health and Safety regulations seem to be a bit over the top sometimes – however they are there for a very good reason and that is why we must abide by them at all times.”

The incident in Fife happened on Saturday afternoon when the slide was sent careering for 110metres at Duffus Park. Several children were thrown from the slide with some sustaining head and neck injuries, with two requiring hospital treatment.