Muckle bill for renovation to Elgin monument

COUNCILLORS WILL CONSIDER a £20,000 investment on repairs to an Elgin monument – and allow officials to inspect similar structures in the region to “establish their condition”.

The move will come at Tuesday’s meeting of the policy and resources committee when a report on the condition of the ‘B’ listed Muckle Cross in Elgin will be considered.

Officials will report that the monument in the middle of the town’s pedestrianised shopping centre is showing “significant signs of deterioration”. A survey was completed in February by Darroch and Allen that identified two options – a limited refurbishment at £20,000 or complete renovation at £55,000, with both attracting design fees and VAT.

Report author John Macdonald, the Asset Manager at Moray Council, said: “This refurbishment project would greatly enhance a part of Elgin’s heritage and be a tourist attraction within the central shopping area.

”This project would contribute to several strategic priorities and particularly Priority One of the newly approved Corporate Plan, by supporting town centre conservation and regeneration schemes.

“It would also positively promote CARS, Elgin City for the Future, our tourism strategy and give long term sustainability to the fabric of a key Council owned historical asset.”

Councillors will be told that the second option provides better value for the local authority, as the more expensive option would attract 50% funding from Elgin Conservation Area Regeneration while addition funding would come from the Elgin Common Good Fund. In both case the contribution from Moray Council would be £20,000.

The report adds: “There are a number of similar structures located throughout Moray which may also be in the same poor condition.

“It is proposed to have a comprehensive review of these structures to ascertain whether there is a wider issue that needs to be addressed.

“A further report will be submitted to this Committee once the full inspection process is complete.”