Welfare cuts are causing ‘real hurt’ to people in Moray

Angus Robertson MP
Angus Robertson MP

CONTINUING SAVAGE CUTS to the welfare state are causing “real hurt” to people in Moray – driving many more in the direction of food banks.

That is the view expressed this week by Moray’s MP Angus Robertson, who is setting out welfare powers being proposed by the Scottish National Party opposition at Westminster.

A list of amendments are being proposed by the SNP in the Scotland Bill which Mr Robertson, who is leader of the SNP group at the UK Parliament, insists are required to ensure that the Bill delivers the Smith Commission proposals “in full”.

The local MP says he continues to get regular contact from his Moray constituents who are “bearing the brunt of Tory welfare cuts”.

He added: “At a time of continuing savage cuts to the welfare state by the Tories – causing real hurt to hard working families and vulnerable people right here in Moray, and driving more and more people to food banks and other welfare support charities – the choice is between having welfare powers in Scotland’s hands, or leaving them in the hands of Iain Duncan Smith and George Osborne.

“There is no other option. The continuing stream of Moray constituents contacting me who are facing really challenging financial situations are a clear demonstration of the failures of welfare reform.

“These are individuals and families who clearly have serious health problems or who are working but low waged and whose income simply does not cover the most basic household expenditure. This is the reality of Tory welfare policies and we must not accept this.

“That is why the SNP’s welfare amendments to the Scotland Bill are so important, and why Scotland needs the Opposition parties to come together to support them. Labour will show where they stand – for Scottish control, or Tory control.”

Mr Robertson has said that where Scotland has powers the country is doing better than the rest of the UK, citing as an example the smaller proportion of children who are living in poverty compared to the UK as a whole.

He said: “But the figures are still unacceptably high – an enormous amount more needs to be done, which is precisely why we need more powers, including welfare. That is what the SNP’s amendments are focused on achieving.”