Forres pensioner jailed for three years

Aberdeen Court
A SERIAL SEX offender was jailed for three years after he assaulted a social worker who had caught him loitering at a public toilet in Forres.

Andrew Halcrow appeared at Aberdeen Sheriff Court on Tuesday facing charges that he had breached a court order that he could not enter any public lavatory that could be accessed by children.

The 71-year-old was caught breaching the order in March when a social worker and police officer assigned to his case caught him loitering near a toilet block in Forres. The Court was told that they had originally tried to locate him at his Leys Road home – he was not at home but they located him near the nearby toilet block.

When he was caught Halcrow became aggressive and punched the social worker in the face, Fiscal depute John Richardson told the court. Mr Richardson said that the social worker was left with a broken denture and required hospital treatment.

Halcrow admitted both the breach of the order and the assault – it was the fifth time that he had breached the order. In 2011 Elgin Sheriff Court heard that Halcrow was caught indecently exposing himself to children while hiding near a car park on Leys Road.

Sheriff Annella Cowan jailed Halcrow for three years, backdated to March 30 when he was remanded in custody.